Orca’s depth of experience, training, and global network enable a full array of corporate finance services.

What We Do

Orca Capital Securities provides a range of corporate finance services. We advise companies as they sell or buy businesses. We assist companies in accessing capital for growth and restructuring, whether equity or debt financing. With Orca’s seasoned support, clients implement the finance solutions critical to attaining their strategic goals.

Experience at Orca has taught us that a prepared, structured, positioned merger candidate with multiple bidders commands the best price and terms.

Orca thoroughly prepares clients prior to a transaction. Internal processes, financial records, and corporate history are readied. In preparing an Offering Document, Orca positions clients, telling their compelling story with a well-considered foundation for valuation and its drivers. Orca targets a select group of financial and strategic acquirers, orchestrating a bidding dynamic to drive the best client outcome.

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Do you need an infusion of capital to turbocharge your growth or simply want to take some money off the table? Orca advises clients across a variety of equity scenarios. Orca’s full licensure enables various equity transactions. We work closely with clients to fully understand their business. The strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. We utilize our knowledge of today’s capital landscape to guide clients to their optimal match. Orca maintains contacts with venture capital, private equity and strategic investors across the globe.

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Deploying borrowed capital can be a powerful element in a client’s financial strategy. Orca has raised senior and subordinated debt, and restructured and advised on lease and project financings. With our deep background in commercial banking, we “speak banker”.

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“Norm did an excellent job selling our technology company in 2006. We found him very easy to work with throughout the process, always respectful of our wishes and interests, patient in explaining things. We really came to value his judgement, pragmatism, and calming demeanor that more than once kept the deal on track during potentially contentious stages of the negotiations. But I recommend him most highly of all for his absolute personal integrity that always gave us a level of comfort with his advice, and removed a lot of stress from the very stressful process of selling a business”
–Steve Bachelder Former President, Swiftview

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